introducing Stacy Hawkins Adams

New this month to the MEI Library is author Stacy Hawkins Adams.

speak to my heart“Serena Jasper is successful, sassy, and saved. Her life is going great. Her professional advertising career has hit the fast track, her future looks promising, and her mother couldn’t be more proud. But then Mama shares a devastating secret that changes Serena’s life. Feeling like her whole identity is in question, Serena decides she needs a break from everything and everyone. From Mama. And from God. Throwing herself into her budding career and her new friendship with a handsome seminary student named Micah, Serena discovers she can no longer avoid God’s voice or Mama’s secret. Can she come to terms with her mother’s past, her relationships, and the One who was always speaking to her heart, even when she wasn’t listening? Or is it too late to make amends?” (from the back cover)

watercolor pearls“Three friends. Three pasts. One journey to beautiful. Serena never thought she’d have children. Now she has two active two-year-old boys. But instead of being overjoyed, she’s overwhelmed. Did she make the wrong choice in giving up her successful career to be a stay-at-home mom? Tawana, an ambitious new lawyer, is trying to pull her life together, but her past keeps getting in the way. An incredible opportunity at a prestigious law firm forces her to confront her demons. Can her new responsibilities fit with her growing faith? Erika’s estranged and once-abusive husband wants her back. He says he’s changed. He’s even going to church. But is he telling the truth? Or is he just smooth talking her back into a bad situation? Watercolored Pearls is a story of three women who, despite their less-than-perfect circumstances, watch their friendships with one another deepen–and their lives transform into something beautiful.” (from the back cover)

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