a muslim forgiven

AFSHIN JAVID was recently a guest speaker to Bible 12 students, and shared his passion for God and amazing life story. Javid’s autobiography, “As Easy As Drinking Water : A Musilim Forgiven”, is now available; come check it out at the library.

as easy as drinking water

“Afshin, an extremely devout Muslim boy, had sought to please God in every way by following the words of the Koran. Having committed himself to live and die for Islam, at the age of twelve he joined Basij (Hezbollah), an Iranian Islamic paramilitary organization. Later, in obedience to his grandfather’s commission to preach Islam to North Americans, Afshin attempted illegal immigration to the West. Plans went awry when he was arrested and imprisoned in Malaysia’s infamous Pudu Jail. This is the life story of Afshin Javid, who, in an hour of darkness, had an encounter with Jesus Christ that would change his life forever. From that point on, he was commissioned to tell the world of God’s marvellous love and His desire to forgive.” [back cover]

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  1. This man’s testimony is completely true. From my experiences with Jesus Christ I can recognize one who has heard the Master’s voice and responded to His call. I am truly grateful for this man’s courage to stand up publicly for Jesus Christ and the Truth He offers to all.

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