Unravel the Message Behind a Treasured Quilt


Interested in historical romance fiction? Why not read “The Message of the Quilt, by Stephanie Grace Whitson. This is the story of Emilie Rhodes an independent woman living in the 1890’s who wants to write “real news” in her father’s newspaper. Emilie decides to write anonymously in order to win a writing competition. One of the people she interviews is Noah Shaw known as “The Man of Many Voices” who she eventually falls in love with. Noah is on a quest of his own, he’s trying to figure out his past by getting answers to his Grandma’s quilt stories. Will Noah find out the truth about his heritage?


“This heart-worming story about love from first sight, hunting past, shady background and unknown future is very inspiring. Absolutely worth reading… What truths do his Grandma’s quilts hold?” — Goodreads

Read “The Message of the Quilt” to find out.

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