a prince, a princess and a priest . . . oh my!

For those of you who have read and loved the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson check out ELANTRIS. Here are Brandon’s own words about his award winning fantasy novel: “It’s always interesting to describe your book to people, since a novel like this—at 200,000 words—is going to mean very different things to different people. Tor classifies this book as an epic fantasy. I’m not sure if that’s actually the case. There is no quest in this book, nor is it about the end of the world. It takes place (as many of my books do) in one city, and is a mixture of political intrigue, interesting magic, and character dynamics. The setting is the city of Elantris and the surrounding suburbs. There’s a force in Arelon known as the Dor that randomly chooses people and grants them divine powers. Elantris was once the city of the gods, where anyone who was ‘chosen’ went to live. Ten years ago, the Elantrians lost their powers and caught a terrible disease instead. From that point on, Elantris became a prison city/contamination zone for any who caught that disease—for the Dor continues to choose people and curse them. The book follows the experiences of three people as they interact with the people of Elantris. Raoden, a prince, catches the disease in chapter one and is thrown into the city by his own father. Sarene, Raoden’s sight-unseen fiancee from a political treaty, arrives in the city and gets involved in schemes, troubles, and politics involving Elantris. Hrathen, a priest and missionary, is sent to convert the people of Arelon—and is told that if he fails, the people of the country will need to be killed instead. The three stories intertwine as the truth of what happened to Elantris, and its inhabitants, ten years ago is unearthed.