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To view your blog or to create a new blog, go to www.blogger.com and log in with your Google account username and password. You can also login to your blog by going to your blog and selecting the sign in link in the upper right corner. This will bring you to your dashboard, the behind-the-scenes look at your blog(s).

For a quick look at how to set up a blog and a few posting basics, watch this 2 minute video:

One of the first things I would recommend doing once you have created your blog, even prior to fine-tuning your design, is to set the various security options. To do this, go to your blog dashboard and select the settings tab. A row of sub-links will appear, such as “basic”, “publishing”, “formatting”, etc. Work your way through these setting links to set where you want your blog to be visible online, who can comment, and other permissions.




Creating pages for your blog, which appear as tabs along the top or side of your blog, is a useful way to organize information. You could create a page for your course outline, for assignments, for field trips forms, the sky’s the limit. For more information on creating and using pages, click HERE.



You are also able to change the look of your blog, selecting various colors, background images, font types, and many more options. The various design elements can be changed at any time, and all the information you have on your blog will still appear, just with a new look. For a closer look at where and how to change the design of your blog, click HERE.



When in doubt, take a look at BLOGGER HELP or simply ASK YOUR LIBRARIAN.






Created September 2010