Deck the Walls

The annual Christmas decorating party “DECK THE WALLS” is back at the library this Thursday November 25 during lunch break! If you’d like to come help decorate the library for Christmas, fala lala along with some Christmas tunes and leave with a goodie bag full of tasty treats RSVP to Ms. Penner. There’s a limit to how many people can join in this year, but anyone grades 9-12 is welcome. Grab a friend and RSVP quickly so you don’t miss out!

calling all BOOKWORMS!

Calling all bookworms! Stop by the library today to check out some books + get a little snack to enjoy with your stories. Happy #CanadianSchoolLibraryDay to you!
#whilesupplieslast #getthembeforetheyaregone #gummywormsforbookworms #CSLD2021


In celebration of #CandaianSchoolLibraryDay we’re combining some things you love — free books and a chance to win prizes! Stop by the Library Mon-Wed and grab some free used books, and enter to win a variety of prizes (gift cards, books, movies, posters, candy). 1 book = 1 ticket, take 8 books, get 8 tickets to enter for prizes! There is no limit on how many books you can take, and you choose which prizes you want your tickets to go towards. All MEI Secondary staff + students are eligible to enter. Winners will be announced on Thursday.

one for all!

For one day only … on Monday October 25 #SchoolLibraryDay … bring in 1 days late fine payment of 25¢ to the library and get ALL your late fines removed!

Check the Schoology group MEI Secondary Library for the update post for this event, and look for your student # — if it’s listed, bring 25¢ to the library on Monday!

Textbook Day

TODAY is Textbook Day. Students are called by classes to the library and will pick up all of their Semester 1 (Term/Q 1) textbooks at once.
The library is closed for all non-textbook reasons, including lunch and after school.
If you have a course change and need a different textbook, or need a textbook repaired, stop by the library and ask Ms. Penner for help.
At the end of each semester, all textbooks must be returned to the library.