request a book bundle for the break

If you are not sure what you want to read next and like surprises, request a BOOK BUNDLE to enjoy over Spring Break >>

Simply answer a couple of questions HERE and let the Librarian surprise you with a stack of stories! You will be sent a Schoology message when your Book Bundle is ready to pick-up at the library.

And if you’ve requested a Book Bundle before, you can again! There’s no limit.

guess the theme

Stop by the library today or tomorrow and enter the GUESS THE THEME contest for a chance to win a stack of 6 boxes of candy! The contest is open to all MEI Secondary students — one entry per person.

grab a bunch

Unlimited book borrowing is starting today! Any library books you borrow will be all yours over Spring Break and not due back until the end of March. There are lots of displays to choose from — stock up now before someone else grabs the book you’ve been wanting to read.

same vibes

Have you ever looked at a book cover and thought: “That looks just like that other book cover!”

We’ve gathered together a few for you — stop by the library and check out books with the SAME VIBES from the new display!

Have you heard?

Did you know that the library has a collection of AUDIOBOOKS?

LEARN how to browse + borrow audiobooks at

SORA automatically returns your borrowed audiobooks when they are due, which means no late fines! If you are finished reading the book before it is due, you can always remove it from your account so that the next person has a turn, and so that you are free to check out more audiobooks.