Couldn’t get enough of Billy Coffey?

He’s at it again with his newest creation, The Curse of Crow Hollow!

crow hollow















This book hops out of here regularly, so come and check it out as soon as you can! Not convinced? Last year another book of his, The Devil Walks in Mattingly, was the most borrowed book of 2015!

“… recalls Flannery O’Connor with its glimpses of the grotesque and the supernatural. The story unwinds slowly and with a convincing voice that draws the reader deep into the unexplainable.”

- BookPage for The Devil Walks in Mattingly

Check out Billy Coffey’s website to check him out, or come to the library to check out his other books!

shhh it’s study time

library hours

Writing 2 exams in one day and looking for a quiet spot to study in-between?

Have a stack of textbooks that need to be returned?

Here’s a look at the MEI Secondary Library Hours during Exam Week, January 25-28:

Monday – ProD Day (open for textbook drop-off)

Tuesday – 11:30am – 3:45pm

Wednesday – 8:00am – 3:45pm

Thursday – 8:00am – 3:45pm **all textbooks due

Friday – no classes or exams (open for late textbook drop-off)


**Reminder on exam schedule: Parents should be aware that not all students in each grade write every exam. Therefore, students should only be at school during their exam times, plus the time in between exams if they have two on one day. Other than that, since no classes will run that week, and as there are no supervised areas for students to gather, they should not be at school.

do you know where your textbooks are?

If you are done with your semester 1 textbooks, drop them off at the library!

ALL textbooks (unless you are taking a linear course) must be returned by the last day of exams, Thursday January 28. If they are returned after that date they will have a $2 late fine per book — and if the textbook was needed for semester 2 classes, you will be charged a replacement fee even if the textbook comes back as a replacement will have already been purchased.

Feel free to contact Ms. Penner if you have any questions or concerns.

do you know where your textbooks are

Bored of your love life? We have a NEW romantic suspense series for YOU to check out!





New author, new series, NEW YEAR; starting it off with a bright new book series hot off the press — they will have you sitting on the edge of your seat for hours. Check out the author’s website, Ronie Kendig.

Curious what others thought of this series?

Firethorn has many moving parts that synchronize together with the beautiful precision of an expensive Rolex watch!”

     –     Don Brown, author of Navy Justice series

“My heart hammered against my chest with every plot twist. The danger and the romance set the stage for Ronie Kendig’s Digitalis. A writer to watch!”

     –     DiAnn Mills, author of the Call of Duty series

feeling fine

fine dining 2015This is your chance to share some seasonal joy with those in need in our community, and clear your library fines so you have a fresh start in the New Year!

Login to your library account or stop by the library to see how many items you could bring.