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Don’t need your textbook anymore? Return it to the library! All textbooks are due before 4pm Tuesday June 25. If you miss this due date, you will have to pay to replace the textbooks, even if you return it later.


Looking for a space to spread out & study for exams?

MEI Secondary Library is open regular hours on June 20, 21 and 24. On June 25 the library is open in the afternoon only.

Can’t remember what day your Final Assessment is on? Take a peek at the Final Assessment Schedule so you know when to return to school for your exams, as well as a few other reminders.

It’s almost Yearbook time!

Want to make sure you’ll get your yearbook with everyone else and not be stuck inside waiting in a long line missing all the fun?

Check THE LIST posted in the library June 10-14 — if your name is on there, no yearbook for you! You might be on the list for not returning team uniforms, needing to submit Grad Transitions, library fines, or a variety of other reasons. You have until 3pm Friday June 14 to get your name off THE LIST.

Want to check your account online? Here’s how >>

Library and Textbook fines are paid via School Cash Online >>

*cash & cheques are no longer accepted at the library


pay your library fines online!

We are pleased to announce that MEI Secondary Library has just been added to School Cash Online – cash and cheques are no longer accepted as forms of payment. Simply login to your account and enter the fine amount in the field below the drop down list, either library or textbook fines. If you haven’t set up a School Cash Online account yet, visit HERE for instructions.
Also, just another reminder that all library fines must be removed from student accounts by 3pm on Friday June 14 if they would like to receive their yearbook on the last day of classes.
Did you know that students can check their library account online to see what they have out or what fines are owing? Visit HERE for more info and a quick how-to.

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Do you still have library books out? The last day to return books is Friday June 14! After that, they will be replaced and the replacement fine will be added to your account.

TIP: Keeping books past this date will also add you to THE LIST which means you won’t get your yearbook on the last day of school.

summer reading starts here!

Are you part way through a series and you don’t want to be left hanging over the summer?

Are you planning a road trip and want to bring along a few books to keep you company?

Want to borrow an unlimited number of MEI Secondary Library books over the summer break?

You can! Stop by and talk to Ms. Penner for more info.

are you feelin’ fine?

You don’t want to miss our once-a-year-only annual event — pay off late fines Tuesday April 23 to Thursday April 25 and receive 50% off!

For example, for every $1 you pay Ms. Penner will take $2 off your library account.

Curious if you have any fines or overdue books? Take a peek at the my MEI library tutorial for step-by-step directions on how to login to your library account.