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library hours

Monday June 20 — Last Day of Classes, open 8am-3:45pm

Tuesday June 21 — No Classes, library closed to students

Wednesday June 22 — 8am-3:45pm

Thursday June 23 — 8am-3:45pm

Friday June 24 — 8am-3:45pm

Monday June 27 — 8am-12:30pm

**June 27 is the final day to return textbooks**

making a list, checking it twice

The list of students not getting yearbooks is posted in the library. It includes ALL outstanding items such as workbook fees, returning uniforms, grad transitions, etc. not just library fines. You have until Wednesday, June 15 to remove your name from the list, or NO YEARBOOK FOR YOU!

no yearbook

behind the scenes



noun: commentary; plural noun: commentaries
an expression of opinions or offering of explanations ; explanations about an event or situation.
“an editorial commentary”
  • a descriptive spoken account (especially on a broadcast) of an event or performance as it happens.
    synonyms: narration, description, account, report, review
  • a set of explanatory or critical notes on a text.
    “a commentary on the Old Testament”
    synonyms: explanation, elucidation, interpretation, exegesis, analysis


Old & New Testament Commentaries are calling a new shelf home — they can be found in the back classroom area of the library by the yearbooks. They are also available to borrow for 3 Day Loans, instead of being Reference use in library only. So, if you’re working on a research paper, stop on by!

commentariescommentaries sign