Go on an adventure!

Looking for a little Spring Break inspiration? There’s lots to do outside, and books with suggested hiking trips to get you there! Or curl up inside with a good adventure story or a biography of survival.

Any library books you borrow in the month of March will be all yours over Spring Break, and there is no limit on what you can check out!

Have an idea of what you want? Login + Hold It! HERE >> bit.ly/meilibrary

OR if you don’t want to login and are not sure what you want to read next, request a BOOK BUNDLE to enjoy over Spring Break >> bit.ly/meibookbundle

eBooks & audiobooks

Did you know that the library has a collection of eBooks and audiobooks available for you to check out?


Visit the app store on your device and download the free SORA app to search, read, or listen to MEI Secondary Library eBooks & audiobooks.

If you don’t want to use the app, browse the SORA website, or find eBooks & audiobooks by searching the MEI Secondary Library catalog!

You can borrow up to 4 eBooks or audiobooks at a time. Is the eBook or audiobook you want to try already checked out? Save your spot for a turn by putting it on hold! You can place up to 10 items on hold.

You have 3 weeks to enjoy the eBooks & audiobooks you check out, and SORA automatically returns them when they are due — no late fines! If you are finished reading the book before it is due, you can always remove it from your account so that the next person has a turn, and so that you are free to check out more eBooks & audiobooks!

YES you can still borrow books!

Anything you could borrow from the library last year, you can still borrow this year! Biographies, novels, books for research, non-fiction, graphic novels, and much more.

LOGIN to your library account, and LOOK for library books that you want to borrow.

Found one that looks good? Put a HOLD on it, and Ms. Penner will check it out to you when it is available.

GRAB your bag of book(s) from the Library table in the front entry of the school and GO!

Ms. Penner will send a Schoology message when you have something to Grab + Go!

need a textbook?

Have you changed classes and NEED A DIFFERENT TEXTBOOK(S) than what you picked up at the library today? Let the librarian know!

Check the Grab + Go library table in the front entry of the school on Tuesday and Thursday for your requested textbook(s). They will be in a yellow bag with your student # on it.

hello! you can find help here …


Libraries are all about sharing, which makes social distancing and safety a bit trickier than in other areas of the school. It will be a happy day when the library doors are open to the masses once again!

For now, the physical space of the library is remaining closed. And even though the doors are closed for now, you can still enjoy so many of the reasons why you came to the library in the first place!

  • Yes! You will still be able to borrow books.
  • All of your textbooks will be delivered to you.
  • Need resources for an assignment, we’ve got those too! Both online, and books you can have delivered.
  • Are you locked out of your account or suffering from tech trauma? The librarian is still the one to go to. Only going is now through an email or a Schoology message.
  • WiFi not working? Ask the Librarian for help.
  • Wondering how to login to Schoology or use Office365? Find tutorials on the MEI Secondary Library group in Schoology or be in touch with the Librarian.
  • Join in on events and contests through the MEI Secondary Library group on Schoology or @meilibrary on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.