time to track down your textbooks

STUDENTS: Remember to bring all your semester 1 textbooks to school on Monday — you will be called to the library to RETURN your TEXTBOOKS during the last class, of the last day.



  • Q: What about textbooks for a linear class?
  • A: You do not have to return any textbooks for linear classes (that you have all year) until the Textbook Return date in June.
  • Q: What happens if I don’t return semester 1 textbooks on Monday?
  • A: If you are absent from school let Ms. Penner know. Otherwise, textbooks not returned are considered lost and a replacement fee will be added to your account for each textbook that is not returned (payable through SchoolCashOnline), as replacement copies will be rush ordered so semester 2 classes are not missing what they need.
  • Q: I have a textbook for a class I dropped, but I’m taking it next semester instead. Should I just keep the textbooks?
  • A: No, any textbooks checked out during semester 1 are due at the end of semester 1 and would automatically show as lost and a replacement fee added to your account. Return them and you will get copies of what you need for semester 2 on Textbook Day.
  • Q: How do I know what’s a textbook, or a workbook, and what needs to be returned?
  • A: Look for the barcode on the top of the front cover of the textbook — it will say MEI SEC TEXTBOOKS above the barcode and number. If there is this barcode, return it to the library. If you don’t see this barcode, and your teacher gave you the workbook in class, you don’t need to return it.
  • Q: I still have questions and concerns.
  • A: Pop by the library or send a message to Ms. Penner.

bring back the books

Just a quick reminder, as you’re getting ready to return to school tomorrow, to pack your library books too! All books that were checked out before Christmas are due back at the library. Want to keep them longer? Just pop by the library or send Ms. Penner a message requesting a renewal.

Just keep reading

Did you know that if you have a library book due on days that the school is closed, due to weather or for any other reason, your book can be returned to the library on the first open day with no worries — no late fines are added to your account for days the library is closed.

Read on with no worries!

Do you have a library book checked out, that’s due today? Have no worries! On days that the library closed, for #BCstorm or some other reason, your due date will automatically be updated to the next day the library is open — and no late fines are added to your account for days the library is closed. So read on!