Will anyone escape the wrath?

“The Spider King’s minions are crossing from Allyra to Earth to hunt for seven unsuspecting thirteen-year-olds, who are royalty from a foreign world. Stopped once by an ancient curse, the dark forces are determined to finish the job. The Seven’s only hope for survival is a remnant of exiled Elves intent on restoring their kingdom — but can they be trusted? Navigating the tangled web of the Spider King, the teens must make a perilous choice: go to Allyra and face an uncertain destiny; or remain on Earth and risk the lives of the ones they love.”
curse of the spider king
For further information on this new and exciting series, check out www.heedtheprophecies.com
or the author’s sites at www.enterthedoorwithin.blogspot.com or www.christopherhopper.com

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