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Are you someone who reflects on your past year and set goals for the upcoming year?
Why don’t you stop by MEI Secondary Library and grab a Biography to see what others have experienced and accomplished in their lives?



Konrad, Anne. Red quarter moon : a search for family in the shadow of Stalin.
Anne Konrad’s Red Quarter Moon is the gripping account of her search for family members lost and disappeared within the Soviet Union. Konrad’s ancestors, Mennonites, had settled the Ukrainian steppes in the late 1790s. An ethno-religious minority, they became special objects of Soviet persecution. Though her parents fled in 1929, many relatives remained in the USSR. Konrad’s search for these missing extended family members took place over twenty years and five continents – on muddy roads, lonesome steppes, and in old letters, documents, or secret police archives. Her story emerges as both haunting and inspiring, filled with dramatically different accounts from survivors now scattered across the world. She aligns the voices of her subjects chronologically against the backdrop of Soviet policy, intertwining the historical context of the Terror Years with her own personal quest. Red Quarter Moon is an enthralling journey into the past that offers a unique look at the lives of ordinary families and individuals in the USSR.


Nazanin. The tale of two Nazanins : a teenager on death row in Iran and the Canadian who vowed to save her.
The Tale of Two Nazanins weaves together the lives of two women — one a Canadian at the height of her career, the other a teenager on death row in Iran — and a fight for justice that, if only for a moment, brought the Iranian regime to its knees. An inspiring story of the bonds of sisterhood, this extraordinary book speaks to the power of every individual to foster positive change in the world.


Pemberton, Stephen J. A chance in the world : an orphan boy, a mysterious past, and how he found a place called home.
Taken from his mother at age three, Steve Klakowicz lives a terrifying existence. Caught in the clutches of a cruel foster family and subjected to constant abuse, Steve finds his only refuge in a box of books given to him by a kind stranger. In these books, he discovers new worlds he can only imagine and begins to hope that one day he might have a different life — that one day he will find his true home. A Chance in the World is an unbelievable true story of a wounded and broken boy destined to become a man of resilience, determination, and vision. Through it all, Steve’s story teaches us that no matter how broken our past, no matter how great our misfortunes, we have it in us to create a new beginning and to build a place where love awaits.


Dobson, Edward G. Seeing through the fog : hope when your world falls apart.
More than ten years ago, doctors diagnosed Pastor Ed Dobson with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and gave him two to five years to live. Ed’s journey since then has been one of thanking God for each new day — and remembering that life isn’t over yet. In Seeing Through the Fog, Ed offers wisdom for anyone going through painful circumstances. he knows firsthand the journey of questions, discouragement, and loss. But more than anything, this book is about what happens when suffering allows us to see, perhaps for the first time, the beauty of our lives. This is a book of hope.


Tebow, Tim. Through my eyes.
Headache — Given a chance — The early years — Preparing a foundation — A fair farewell — Overcoming, Philippines, football, faith, and Otis — Where to go, where to go? — Running down a dream — Getting my feet wet in the Swamp — Ending up in the desert — Starting over — Communication problems — The Heisman — Doing the right thing — An inauspicious start — The promise — A promise fulfilled — Matching their intensity — Finishing strong — The draft, Denver, and eternal direction. One of the best quarterbacks in the history of college football traces his path to success, discussing his childhood as the son of Christian missionaries and how his faith combined with his drive to succeed have made him the person he is today.


McConnon, Aili. The road to valour : a true story of a Tuscan cyclist and secret World War II hero.
Road to Valour is the inspiring, against-the-odds story of Gino Bartali, the cyclist who made the greatest comeback in Tour de France history and secretly aided the Italian resistance during World War II.


Henderson, Paul. The goal of my life : a memoir.
An autobiography of Canadian hockey player Paul Henderson, discussing his childhood in Ontario, and his professional career with the NHL.


Ten Boom, Corrie. The hiding place.
The one hundredth birthday party — Full table — Karel — The watch shop — Invasion — The secret room — Eusie — Storm clouds gather — The raid — Scheveningen — The lieutenant — Vught — Ravensbruck — The blue sweater — The three visions. A thirty-fifth anniversary edition of the biography of Corrie Ten Boom, a leader of the Dutch underground who hid scores of Jews from the Nazi’s during World War II.


Zar, Rose. In the mouth of the wolf.
The author describes her experiences in wartime Poland and how she survived the Holocaust by passing herself off as an Aryan.

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