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Final exams are looming around the corner — the schedule has been posted on our door and Facebook page — and students are beginning to arrive with stacks of textbooks.

If you’re looking for a spot to study at school, head on down to the library — we are open Monday-Friday, 8am-3:45pm

Now, for a little stress reliever . . . Mr. Bean visits a library:

The World Digital Library

The Library of Congress and UNESCO have partnered with national libraries, universities, and museums to provide free online access to cultural treasures from around the world via The World Digital Library: Collection of Cultural Treasures

View rare manuscripts, maps, books, recordings, films, prints, and many other important culturally historic materials from cultures around the world.


PowerPoint 2010

Are you having troubles navigating through PowerPoint 2010?

Do you want to learn some tricks this program offers to make your usage more efficient?

Want to make your presentations more impressive?

Check out the tutorials brought to you by MEI Librarians.

Click on either of the images below for links to the tutorials.



Still have questions? Ask a Librarian.

mmm mmm good

WHAT THE GREAT ATE : a curious history of food & fame by Matthew Jacob & Mark Jacob

what the great ate

did you know?

    • Elvis Presley flew more than 800 miles to eat a sandwich?
    • Angelina Jolie enjoyed eating Cambodian cockroaches?
    • Baseball star Wade Boggs credited his on-field success to eating chicken before nearly every game.

“In What the Great Ate, Matthew and Mark Jacob have cooked up a bountiful sampling of the peculiar culinary likes, dislikes, habits, and attitudes of famous — and often notorious — figures throughout history. ” [back cover]

a conversation with God



I was so intrigued by the idea of author Larry Crabb in writing “66 Love Letters”, was excited to get my hands on a copy, and captivated by what I read. I have always thought of the Bible as God’s love letter to us and appreciated the relational and nitty gritty way that Crabb summarized the truths God has revealed in His love letter to us. The book has short chapters, one for each book of the bible, and is further organized into 7 parts; providing an overall view and quick glimpse at God’s plan for mankind. The more I poked around this book, the more brilliant the organization of it proved to be. Although the chapters are brief, they encourage the reader to delve into God’s word and ponder what they find; I found Crabb’s writing to convey Biblical truths. I appreciate the honesty and sincerity that is woven throughout these pages; it does not come across as a know-all or absolute in knowledge. It reads more like a diary of the musings and wisdom of a fellow follower. Come check it out!

Techie Tips

Need some tips on how to use the different programs in Microsoft Office 2010? Want to learn what the new features are? Come to the library and take a look at our new computer resources.

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There are also tutorials and hands-on workshops available through MEI Secondary Library; click on Widget Wednesday tab at the top of this blog.